Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

“Children should only use mobile phones for essential purposes and keep all calls short.”
NHS Guidelines
“Concerns have been expressed that prolonged or frequent exposure to this radiation may increase a person's risk of health problems.”
NHS Choices
“Mobile phone radiation is possibly cancer causing and we advise that it's important for mobile phone users to minimise exposure.”
World Health Organisation

Reduce mobile phone radiation by up to 70%

R2L mobile phone radiation reducer

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During normal use, over half of the radiation transmitted by your mobile phone is absorbed by your head or body. Anytime you use your mobile phone to make voice calls, play games, text friends, read e-mails, shop online or just take it with you in your pocket, you and your family are exposing yourselves to radiation that has potentially disastarous health consequences.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that mobile phone radiation may cause cancer by listing it in the same cancer risk category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform. The WHO advises taking "pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting." To date over 2,000 peer reviewed studies have brought to light other concerning health effects.

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Children absorb far more mobile radiation than adults

This image shows the penetration of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone based on age. For children, mobile phone radiation absorption is much deeper and greater as radiation is more easily able to go past the ear and into the head since a child’s ear and skull is thinner.

Microwave Mobile Phone Effects

Absorption in the brain according to age

Mobile phone effects on the brain
Image Courtesy of Dr Om Gandhi, University of Utah, 1996, iEEE Publication

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Introducing the R2L Radiation Reducer...

Mobile Phone Radiation

The R2L works by using its unique antenna near the broadcasting and receiving antenna in the cell phone. The R2L converts the excess radiation through the antenna of the R2L and converts it through the circuitry into direct current electricity. The R2L then drives that electricity into the L.E.D. to light it up and disperse the power safely.

Mobile devices produce electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from between 800 megahertz to 2.1 gigahertz. This higher range is called microwave. Microwave energy is where organic matter ionises or changes. That’s why we can cook food with it. The R2L is the only device that operates at all levels up to 2.1 gigahertz.

The R2L is the smart choice for reducing exposure to mobile phone radiation because it's the only product proven to reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation by up to 70%. Today we use our mobile phones and smart phones a lot more often than when the safety standards were written 30 years ago. We're exposing ourselves to far more radiation than anyone could ever have imagined.

The R2L should not be purchased for Wi-Fi ONLY as the emissions for those actions are so very low they do not need protection.

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How it works...

They say that seeing is believing, which is why we are very excited to share the footage of the R2L radiation reducer undergoing SAR testing at RF Exposure Lab, one of the top research facilities in the world for SAR measurements.

The video clearly demonstrates the R2L absorbing radiation emitted by mobile phones, and dispersing it as light via an LED. The result is a proven 70% decrease in SAR levels.

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Reduces mobile phone radiation by up to 70%

R2L Features

R2L Features
  • The R2L captures radiation (microwave) and converts it to direct current electricity
  • Thin and flexible - can be fitted to any mobile-phone, additional case or cellular tablet/laptop computer
  • Captures all the known mobile frequencies from as low as 450 MHz all the way up to 2.1 GHz
  • Tuned to capture every known mobile phone wavelength as well as the proposed new bands
  • The R2L is so thin it can be fitted to your phone, to your additional case or under the rear-case of the phone itself
Mobile Phone Radiation

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