Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

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Could Your Body Heat Power Your Phone?

Is a low phone battery the bane of your life? Check out the amazing technology that could make a dead battery a thing of the past.

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Is Industry Funded Mobile Phone Research Reporting Biased Findings?

Research into the effects of mobile phone radiation on health is throwing up some contradictory results – maybe there is a reason why…

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Kids and Mobile Phones – Your Questions Answered!

Do iPads and Tablets Emit Dangerous Levels Of Radiation

Are your children expecting a smartphone upgrade for Christmas? Check out these common questions from other parents before you decide what to buy!

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Best Mobile Phone Accessories – Christmas Wish List 2017!

Wondering what to ask Santa for this Christmas? How about this list of lovely mobile phone accessories!

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Why Are Over 55s Buying So Many Smartphones?

Earlier this year 1,163 over-55s were questioned about their mobile devices – the poll revealed that 71% of 55 to 75 year-olds use a smartphone, indicating a faster than average adoption rate over the past few years. Why is this happening?

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App To Help Worried Parents Monitor Kids Phone Use

Protect Your Children From Mobile Phone Radiation

Are you worried about what your child may be exposed to when unsupervised online? Thanks to SafeToNet, you could monitor your kid’s activity (without snooping) and be alerted if the software detects something bad going on.

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