Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

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Is Your Child Falling Out Of Love With Social media?

There is a growing trend amongst the younger generation – they are actually beginning to shun social media and mobile phone related activities for more satisfying real-world experiences.

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MOBI-KIDS: A Study Of Brain Cancer In Children Exposed To RF Fields

The popular consensus is that the effect of mobile phone radiation in children requires additional research.

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Meditation Could Reverse Changes To Brain Caused by Mobile Phones

Headaches Caused By Your Mobile Phone

Taking a little “me” time during a digital detox could be just what you need to get your brain back to its former health.

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20 Amazing Mobile Phone Facts for 2018

More bacteria than toilet handles, more deaths from selfies than shark attacks – this list of mobile phone facts might just blow your mind!

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Digital Addiction Could Be Changing Your Child’s Brain

Does your child find it difficult to concentrate? A study has shown that mobile phone radiation can slow down neurons, making it far more difficult to focus.

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New Year Resolutions – The Digital Detox

Start 2018 with a digital detox – it’s easier than you think with these handy hints and tips!

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