Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

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Why Health Experts Say “Do NOT Use Radiation Shields”

Health officials have made damning information about the safety radiation shields public. R2L is different – and doesn’t come with a health warning!

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iPhones May Get Software To Limit Use By Kids

Investors are pressing developers to create software that tackles the growing concern of digital addiction in young adults and children.

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Experts Warn: Don’t Keep Your Phone In Your Pocket

Mobile Phone Radiation and Fertility

Guys, did you know that keeping your phone in your trouser pocket could be making you infertile? Boys that start with this habit could face greater risks.

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EE To Bring 4g Wi-Fi Broadband To The Most Remote Parts of UK

With a strong correlation between exposure to wireless technologies and ill health, what impact could this technology have on homeowners?

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9 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Exposure To Mobile Phone Radiation

Did you know that the manufacturers of mobile phones recommend in their guidelines that you should keep your device away from your body at all times?

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The Risks Kids Face When Using A Mobile Phone

Child on Mobile Phone

While experts are divided about the provable risks to health of mobile phone use, concern continues to grow about how they are bad for our health, and in particular the health of our children.

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