Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

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How To Choose A Mobile Phone For Your Child

Protect Your Children From Mobile Phone Radiation

Discover which phones are suitable for specific age groups based on the safety of the features, applications, and connectivity.

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Living In South Lincolnshire? The Poor 4G Coverage Could Be Bad For Your Health!

A bad signal means your phone has to work harder to connect, and therefore emits more radiation – bad news for people who live in areas with poor signal!

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What Is A Safe SAR Level?

Headaches Caused By Your Mobile Phone

To protect our health, regulatory bodies ask manufacturers of mobile phones to keep the RF emissions from the phones within certain parameters. We reveal what these parameters are, and why consumers should be taking extra precautions.

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What Kind of Parent Are You when It Comes To Online Safety?

Did you know that experts have identified 5 different types of parent when it comes to knowledge and implementation of online safety for kids – which one are you?

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How Do Mobile Phones Affect Health?

Until we get conclusive evidence form long-term studies, these are the main reasons why experts think you (and your kids) should be using your mobile phone with caution.

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Sharenting – Which Side Of The Fence Are you?

Sharing images of your kids on your own social media streams is dividing opinion in terms of online etiquette. Find out more about the debate in this article!

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