Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

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Can I Test How Effective R2L Is At Reducing Radiation?

Yes you can! The thing that sets the R2L apart from other radiation reduction devices is the LED, a visible indicator of the R2L doing its job.

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Is Your Family Hooked On Smartphones? Facts You Need To Know!

See how many boxes you can tick on our daily usage checklist to find out if you are hooked on using your mobile 24/7.

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SAR Testing Explained

SAR Mobile Phone Testing

We cut through the jargon to explain Specific Absorption Ratings, phone radiation and how a small device could reduce exposure by 70%.

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Children Offered £20 Amazon Voucher To Participate In Mobile Phone Radiation Study

Smartphone monitoring study

Get a £20 Amazon voucher in exchange for wearing a radiofrequency monitoring device for 48 hours as part of the SCAMP study.

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Why Do We Think Mobile Phones Are Bad For Our Health?

Child on Mobile Phone

More people, more phones, higher usage and a big question mark over the safety of mobile phone radiation – we explain all…

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Why R2L Is Better Than Other Radiation Reduction Devices

R2L Radiation Reduction Device

If you are concerned about the risks electromagnetic radiation from your phone may have on your health, chances are you have been looking at a number of products on the market. So how do you know which is right for you?

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