Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

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Moving Home? Getting A New Phone? Make Sure You Get A Good Connection!

Mobile Phone Radiation and Fertility

There are a couple of handy tools to check mobile phone coverage for any network anywhere in the UK.

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Kids At Higher Risk Than Adults From Mobile Phone Radiation

Protect Your Children From Mobile Phone Radiation

The inventor of the R2L, Kevin Tucek, created the radiation reducer as a way of protecting his children from what he sees to be the very clear and present dangers of exposure to mobile phone radiation.

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The Top 5 Causes of Poor Mobile Phone Signal

Do you find yourself forever checking those bars? Do you get anxious over the possibility of your signal dropping? Knowing why your connection cuts out might help you manage those moments of techno-fury when they arise! Reason 1 – Distance From The Nearest Mast It stands to reason that the further you are away from […]

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Why Do Some Experts Think Mobile Phones Are Bad For Our Health?

Until long-term studies are concluded, the jury is out on how much the radiation from mobile phones is really affecting our health.

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Hooked On Your Phone? These Design Tricks Explain Why

Digital addiction is blamed for anxiety, depression, teenage angst, and plenty of family arguments, but maybe we have less control over its effects than we thought. We reveal the psychological tricks technology companies are using to keep us hooked! Persuasive Design According to industry insiders, apps are designed to harness the bit of your brain […]

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5 Reasons Why California Thinks You Should Be Worried About Using A Mobile Phone

Find out the advice a public heath department sent out to residents in California to ensure they reduce the risk of ill health from using a mobile phone.

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