Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

Why Health Experts Say “Do NOT Use Radiation Shields”

Radiation shields could actually increase the risk of exposure to mobile phone radiation, find out how – and why the R2L is uniquely different…

Radiation shields work in so much as they do actually block the radiation emitted by a mobile phone. The shield acts as a block between antenna and user – the aim is to protect the user from the radiation.

There are two fundamental problems with this…

1. The radiation shield also interferes with the signal. This forces the mobile phone to work even harder to get a signal, which in turn generates even more excess radiation.

2. A radiation shield is also only effective for the area it actually covers. The result is that all the nasty radiation the phone user is trying to avoid is just pushed out and round, reaching the user anyway.

Health officials, including the California Department of Public Health have even made this information public, issuing guidelines that they believe will ensure the safety of the public, especially children when it comes to mobile phone use.

Radiation Reducers on the other hand are different – and don’t come with a health warning!

Unlike radiation shields, or any other product on the market, the R2L does not deflect radiation. Instead, the R2L converts it into energy to power a small LED. This is how it reduces the amount of radiation reaching the user. The R2L essentially soaks up the radiation, then converts it into energy to power a small light. This simple gadget has been proven to reduce exposure by as much as 70%, without affecting the performance of the phone.

The R2L is ultra-slim and can be fitted to the inside or outside of any mobile device. The bonus to having it on the outside is that you can see the LED light up, so you know that the R2L is really working.

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