Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

Why Do Some Experts Think Mobile Phones Are Bad For Our Health?

Until long-term studies are concluded, the jury is out on how much the radiation from mobile phones is really affecting our health. Whilst some think that the impact is negligible, many think that we should be taking notice right away. Here’s why:

Electromagnetic Radiation is absorbed by human tissue, and in greater quantities nearest the antenna.

This means that when we hold a mobile phone to our head, or indeed carry it in our pockets, or next to our body, we are potentially receiving a higher “dose” of this energy. So while some people would say that this energy isn’t harmful, the truth of the situation may be that it isn’t  – as long as it is kept away from our bodies!

Research has shown that close proximity has the potential to damage DNA.

Damaged DNA has the potential to cause many problems. Among them include cancer, tumours, and infertility. Those who say that there isn’t enough evidence to support this are doing so because we don’t yet have enough evidence about the effect on human tissue, though many studies have been carried out in the lab. Those who do support the worrying results are highlighting that mobile phone radiation has the potential to cause damage, full stop – something that was previously overlooked.

Certain types of tumours linked to mobile phone radiation are on the increase.

Many people say that if mobile phones are THAT bad for our health, surely there would be people all over the world suffering with brain tumours and the like, but the stats say that there has been no significant rise. What this overlooks is the fact that there are certain types of brain tumours on the rise that are linked to exposure to mobile phone radiation, but this is not seen in the overall statistics. So, while the number of brain tumours in general is not rising, the most virulent and deadly type glioblastoma multiforme, linked to exposure – HAS.

More people own phones, the age where people start using phones is getting younger and younger, and we use them far more than ever before.

Another reason that we aren’t seeing people badly affected by exposure on a regular basis is that the ill-effects of exposure can take a long time to show, and the heaviest and most exposed users are arguably still young! Adults today have been using a mobile phone for about 20 years, and probably didn’t have one until they were easily in their teens. Also, back then, high call rates meant long calls were not an option. So, over time, the exposure is less for an adult today than it will be for someone of the same age in 20 years time! Also, it has been proven that mobile phone radiation passes further into the body of a child than it does an adult, meaning that exposure is higher for kids.

Until the evidence is conclusive, health experts and scientists who are worried about the negative effects of mobile phone radiation think we should, at the very least, err on the side of caution. Fitting an R2L radiation reducer to your mobile devices is one way you can do your bit to reduce the risk to your health and that of your family.

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