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What Kind of Parent Are You when It Comes To Online Safety?

The organisation Internet Matters aims to help parents keep their kids safe online. As well as featuring a range of age-specific guides, it has also discovered 5 common categories that parents fall into when it comes to their kid’s safety online – which are you?

The Techie

You’re all “teched” up, know the risks, and pretty sure that the small amount of protective action you have taken will be enough to keep your kids safe.

The Worrier

You’re not that confident with the technology, not entirely sure that you know what all the risks are, and as a result not sure what action to take to keep your kids safe online. As a result, you are worried that your kids are not safe whenever they are online.

The “In Control”

You’re high in technical confidence, but less blasé than the Techie, taking the online risks more seriously. The result is that you have taken whatever action you can to protect your kids online and feel confident that they are completely safe.

The Overwhelmed

You are a relaxed parent and not that tech savvy. You know there are risks, but not much about them. You would like to know more, but in the meantime you are reasonably confident with the few online controls you currently have in place.

The Protector

Your parenting style is authoritative and hands on, and you have a high level of technical confidence alongside a high awareness of risks. This mix makes it likely that you are confident in the safety of your kids online because you know you’ve done everything possible to make sure.

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