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The Top 5 Causes of Poor Mobile Phone Signal

Do you find yourself forever checking those bars? Do you get anxious over the possibility of your signal dropping? Knowing why your connection cuts out might help you manage those moments of techno-fury when they arise!

Reason 1 – Distance From The Nearest Mast

It stands to reason that the further you are away from a mast the weaker the signal you’ll receive. This leads to classic moments of crackling and cutting out during a call. This also explains why trying to make a call on a train or in a car is problematic – your phone is continuously trying to connect to the nearest mast.

Reason 2 – Lots Of People Using The Same Mast

Urban environments have lots more masts because lots more people need to use them, but sometimes the system can’t keep up with the overcrowding and you’ll still get poor signal. Masts near festivals in rural places often can’t cope with the demand, same goes for big events in cities – there are just too many people trying for a slice of the same G Pie!

Reason 3 – The Outside World Getting In The Way

The strongest signal is a straight signal, but it is highly unlikely there is nothing between you and the nearest mast. Mountains, hills, high-rise buildings, trees and the outdoor environment in general is conspiring to weaken your signal.

Reason 4 – Your Own Stuff Getting In The Way

Blasting through thick walls of buildings weakens a signal significantly, so does any material that is energy efficient. Then add all your furniture, mirrors, internal walls and doors – it’s no wonder that some people can’t make calls unless they are stood next to a window!

Reason 5 – Low Battery

Maintaining a strong signal takes power, so if your battery is low expect the signal to become poorer as the phone tries to keep all things running at once but with less energy.

Poor signal actually makes your phone work harder to try and maintain a signal, and the side-affect of this is increased excess radiation. With an R2L radiation reducer you can cut exposure to this potentially harmful energy by as much as 70%. Unfortunately, it cannot make your signal any more reliable!


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