Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

SAR Testing Video: See The R2L In Action!

They say that seeing is believing, which is why we are very excited to share the footage of the R2L radiation reducer undergoing SAR testing at RF Exposure Lab, one of the top research facilities in the world for SAR measurements.

The video clearly demonstrates the R2L absorbing radiation emitted by mobile phones, and dispersing it as light via an LED. The result is a proven 70% decrease in SAR levels.

“The R2L has an LED light that tells you when it is functional, this is unique in all of the devices we have tested in the past 10 years. The R2L was also the very first device we did any testing on that we saw actually reduced SAR and was functional as a device.” Jay Moulton, Lead technical Engineer, RF Exposure Lab

The SAR Test shows that the amount of radiation emitted by an iPhone 5 without the R2L is of potentially dangerous levels. Once the R2L is fitted, the emissions drop to much safer levels.

How does it do this?

Imagine using a sponge to soak up a spill. You mop up the water until the sponge is saturated, then you squeeze it out and start again. The R2L effectively “soaks up” mobile phone radiation until it is saturated, then “squeezes it out” as light, enabling it to continuously absorb (and thereby reduce) emissions.

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