Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

The Risks Kids Face When Using A Mobile Phone

While experts are divided about the provable risks to health of mobile phone use, concern continues to grow about how they are bad for our health, and in particular the health of our children. Here are some interesting insights that’ll give you the lowdown on how using a mobile phone could be affecting the health of children.

  • Wireless technologies, such as those used in mobile phone communication emit radiation, which is known to be absorbed by human tissue in higher quantities nearest to the antenna.
  • It is suspected that this radiation has a number of negative effects on health.
  • Mobile devices emit this radiation whether they are switched off or not.
  • Children absorb more of this radiation than adults because their skulls are thinner, their brain tissue is more absorbent, and the relative size of the skull is smaller.
  • In fact, studies have shown that the brain tissue of children absorbs twice as much as an adult, and the bone marrow absorbs ten times more!
  • Even babies in the womb can be affected. This type of radiation has been shown to degenerate the sheath that protects brain neurons of foetuses if mobile phones are kept in close proximity.
  • Future fertility can be affected too. Once again, in close proximity, the DNA in sperm can be degraded by the radiation.
  • Manufacturers recommend that a mobile phone should NEVER touch your body, and that phones should be kept at a safe distance (at least 1cm, and as much as 2.5cm) to keep radiation exposure within healthy limits. HOWEVER this advice is ONLY for adults. The advice for children is to use for essential purposes only.

How can you reduce their risk?

One of the easiest ways to reduce risk is to reduce exposure. The R2L was originally created to protect the inventor’s kids from the dangers associated with exposure to mobile phone radiation. After many years of research he produced the R2L, capable of reducing exposure by as much as 70%.

It works by turning excess radiation into harmless light. The added benefit is that you can see when the R2L is doing its job!

You can purchase the R2L here at screen2bsafe, or on Amazon.

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