Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

Phone manufacturers warn: keep the phone 5mm to 25mm from your head

Did you know Mobile phone Manufacturers warn to keep the phone 5mm to 25mm from your head & body? It’s hidden in the fine print of the user manual and under the legal, WHY?…

Buried in their user manuals, cell phone companies specifically instruct us that phones should not be held close to the body. Without following those instructions, we risk being exposed to levels of radiation that are deemed unsafe. At the same time, significant research is showing cell phone radiation can damage the nervous., reproductive, and immune systems. Many scientists recommend reduced exposure, especially for children who are more vulnerable.

The problem is, today’s cell phones are still new, and we won’t know the full impact for years. That means that now, we’re all part of an experiment – we have a group of heavy users taking risks and a control group taking precautions. To know which group to join, we need the facts up front.

Show us the fine print:

Fine print may protect manufacturers legally. Let’s protect consumers in reality: Put the cell phone safety warnings up front, where we can see them.

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