Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

Moving Home? Getting A New Phone? Make Sure You Get A Good Connection!

There are a couple of handy tools to check mobile phone coverage for any network anywhere in the UK. Why is this good news? Well, a poor signal means the phone has to work harder to connect, which in turn increases the amount of excess radiation produced, potentially putting the user’s health at risk.

Open Signal is one interactive mobile coverage map that allows users to compare mobile networks near them, or indeed, anywhere across the country. This means that if you are moving you can choose a network provider with a better signal for that area, or if you are looking to upgrade, you can choose your next deal based on the company that has the best signal in your area.

Open Signal is based on real data from users, so gives an accurate representation of users in any particular area. However, it can only show what exists, so if you are the first O2 user in the neighbourhood, you might think the area simply doesn’t get good coverage.

Which is why you should cross-reference with Ofcom’s mobile checker map.


This map uses each company’s own coverage map, not real user data. On the plus side, and unlike Open Signal, you can see which services should be available in any given area. The drawback is that using this map on its own won’t inform you whether that signal is actually any good.

If you suffer with poor signal make sure you fit an R2L radiation reducer to your mobile phone. This will reduce your exposure to the excess radiation produced while your phone is working harder to connect.

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