Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

Kids At Higher Risk Than Adults From Mobile Phone Radiation

The inventor of the R2L, Kevin Tucek, created the radiation reducer as a way of protecting his children from what he sees to be the very clear and present dangers of exposure to mobile phone radiation. Here are some facts you should know that concerns the safety of your kids:

  • Mobile phone radiation penetrates deeper into the brain of children.
  • Because it goes further into the bodies of children than it does adults, mobile phone radiation also penetrates the bone marrow of children.
  • Kids today start using phones at a very young age. The combination of using mobile phones during a developmental stage when they are most susceptible to absorption and over an extended number of years compared to other generations leads to a much higher risk of negative impacts on health.
  • Children also spend more time on phones than today’s adult generation ever did, upping the time exposed significantly.
  • Children can be affected by exposure to mobile phone radiation before they are even born. Not only does research show that radiation from mobile phones can reach a developing foetus, but it can also affect the health of sperm that goes on to fertilise an egg.

No one really knows the long-term effects of exposure to mobile phone radiation, especially in children. The best thing to do in the meantime is limit exposure either by reducing phone time, or taking steps to reduce the amount of excess radiation reaching the mobile phone user.

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