Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

iPhones May Get Software To Limit Use By Kids

Investors in tech giant Apple have called upon its developers to create software to limit the amount of time kids can be on a mobile device. The move comes as more parents and teachers become concerned about digital addiction, but it is a move that will also help kids avoid the negative health risks associated with exposure to mobile phone radiation.

The investors involved hold £1.48 billion between them of shares in Apple, and it is thought that they fear for the value of shares if Apple does not take the growing concerns seriously.

Negative Mental Attitude

Numerous studies have suggested that excessive mobile phone use is responsible for an increase in childhood depression and anxiety, much of which is blamed on the pressures of social media. On top of that, teachers are reporting that mobile phones are bringing disruption and distraction into the classroom, which is ultimately impacting on the quality of education.  Some schools have even gone as far as to ban mobile phones during school hours – a move that has been welcomed by the children as well as parents!

There Are Risks To Physical Health Too

Mobile phones could be harming our children in other ways too. The excess radiation from mobile phones during use, especially during phone calls, is absorbed by the body, and has the potential to disrupt cell structure, causing headaches, causing infertility, and promoting growth of tumours.  Mobile phones also disrupt sleep, the effect of which is well documented.

It has been shown that children are more susceptible to the effects of this radiation than adults are because their skulls are thinner, and because they are smaller the radiation reaches further into the brain. The bone marrow of children also seems to absorb more of this type of radiation than adults too.

What Can We Do To Protect The Children?

Well, the letter to Apple asked for improvements to parental controls, for notifications to be switched off by default, and for the inclusion of occasional reminders that urge children to take a break from their phone during long periods of use.

In addition to that, parents can educate their children about using a mobile phone safely. Top tips include:

  • Keep the phone away from the head during the call – manufacturers recommend about 25mm.
  • Use hands-free technology when making a call – such as headphones or video calling.
  • Keep the phone in a bag not a pocket.
  • Never sleep with a phone under a pillow.
  • Avoid making calls in a moving vehicle or when signal is low.

Parents should also ensure that every mobile device in the household is fitted with an R2L radiation reducer, which can reduce the excess radiation by as much as 70%, cutting the risk of ill health from using mobile phones. Buy yours online at or on Amazon


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