Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

How Do Mobile Phones Affect Health?

As you probably know, the jury is still out on whether the radiation from mobile phones really is causing people harm. This is because mobile phone technology (and the way we use it) is changing so fast, and the studies need to be long term. Here are a few things you might like to consider until conclusive evidence is provided.

  • Mobile phones do emit radiation.
  • This is RF radiation, which is less harmful than ionising radiation.
  • RF radiation emitted from mobile phones is absorbed by human tissue in higher quantities the closer the antenna is to the person.
  • It has been shown that this absorption goes farther into the body of a child than it does an adult.
  • It is believed that this exposure causes the tissue to heat and the blood vessels to dilate, which in turn has the potential to damage DNA.
  • Damaged DNA can result in a number of ailments, illnesses and diseases.
  • Excessive use can result in digital addiction, impacting the mental and emotional wellbeing of the individual.

Examples of physical, emotional, and mental problems associated with excessive time on a mobile phone

  • Infertility from sperm damage – do not keep a phone in your pocket!
  • Brain tumours  – use hands-free calling, do not put the phone to your head!
  • Anxiety and depression – affects those who use online activity as a means of escape.
  • Headaches – there is a correlation between mobile phone use and the occurrence of headaches.
  • Insomnia – the blue light from the screen affects melatonin production (a sleep hormone) resulting in less sleep and lower quality of sleep.

What can you do?

For a start, keep your phone a safe distance from you, even when not in use – Manufacturers recommend that a mobile phone should NEVER touch your body, and that phones should be at least 1cm, and as much as 2.5cm away at all times to keep radiation exposure within healthy limits. It is important to note that this advice is only for adults, and that manufacturers recommend that children only use mobile phones if completely necessary.

Another option is to fix an R2L radiation reducer to all the mobile devices in your home

The R2L turns excess radiation into energy to power a small LED, preventing it from being absorbed by nearby tissue. Tests have shown that the R2L can reduce exposure by as much as 70%.

The R2L can be fitted to any mobile device, and is suitable for all family members. You can buy yours online at or on Amazon

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