Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

EE To Bring 4g Wi-Fi Broadband To The Most Remote Parts of UK

Those living in rural areas struggle to get high speed broadband – and some UK residents can’t access any broadband at all. That might all be about to change with EE’s new “shoebox” technology – but what impact could this have on the health of those who welcome the tech into their homes?

The 4g Antenna

EE’s network reaches 90% of the UK, and the company believes that although some areas will still be too remote for its new technology, it could potentially bring broadband to as many as 580,000 homes – so how will it work?

Quite simply an engineer will turn up and fix a small box to the outside of the house, as high up as possible and facing the nearest EE phone mast. This is the antenna, which according to the company works much better without brick walls or glazing getting in the way of the signal. This antenna is then connected by a cable to a modem and wi-fi router inside the home. The result is instant wi-fi access that could potentially reach download speeds of up to 100MBps.

The effect of wi-fi technology on health

There is a strong correlation between being exposed to electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies and ill health. This can be symptoms as subtle as headaches, through to anxiety, depression, and potentially tumours.

However, the level of exposure and therefore risk to health is directly connected to the distance a person is from the device emitting this type of radiation.

Thankfully routers and their antenna are usually kept well away from people – reducing the risk of health problems considerably – unlike mobile phones, which pose a higher risk because they are used right next to a person’s head.

To put it into context, it has been estimated that you get a bigger dose of radiation from a 20-minute phone call than from a whole year’s worth of Wi-Fi.

The dangers associated with mobile phone radiation

In a nutshell, using a mobile phone – especially when signal is poor – puts a person at far higher risk than 4g broadband will ever do, and children are far more vulnerable than adults. To reduce this risk, it is recommended that people fit a mobile phone radiation reducer to any mobile device, and follow a few simple tips for reducing exposure.

The R2L radiation reducer reduces excess emission by as much as 70%. Easy to fit, easy to see working, and does not affect the performance of the phone.

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