Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

Is Your Child Falling Out Of Love With Social media?

There is a growing trend amongst the younger generation – they are actually beginning to shun social media and mobile phone related activities for more satisfying real-world experiences.

A survey of 5,000 pupils showed that 63% would not care if social media did not exist, blaming fake news and online abuse as causes of negative wellbeing. An even higher number said that they had taken digital detoxes to escape the negative impact of online activity.

  • 57% stated they had received abusive comments online
  • 56% said they were on the edge of having a digital addiction
  • 52% reported that social media made them less confident about their looks or how interesting they are
  • 60% believed social media encouraged friends to show a fake version of themselves online (but only 15% admitted they did this themselves)
  • 71% want less advertising
  • 61% want less fake news
  • 55% want more creative content
  • 49% want more privacy options

The survey was conducted by Digital Awareness UK, an organisation committed to promoting safety for young people online. They run a programme of workshops for pupils, teachers, and parents covering a range of subjects suitable for ages 5 to 18. These include cyber bullying, screen time, over sharing, stranger danger, and image and identity to name just a few!

Brick-style Mobile Phones Make A Comeback

The rebellion against social media has spiked an interest in “brick” style phones such as the Nokia 3310, which has no online capabilities. This reminds us that we shouldn’t forget about other dangers when it comes to mobile phone use – such as exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Make sure you fit an R2L radiation reducer to your child’s device – it can cut exposure by as much as 70%, reducing the risk of health issues related to exposure. You can buy the R2L here at screen2bsafe, or on Amazon.


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