Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

9 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Exposure To Mobile Phone Radiation

Did you know that the manufacturers of mobile phones recommend in their guidelines that you should keep your device away from your body at all times? That’s right – to ensure that your exposure to potentially harmful radiation is kept within safe limits, adults should keep a mobile phone at a safe distance, between 1cm, and 2.5cm depending on the make and model.

  1. Keep your phone at the manufacturers recommended distance from your head AND your body.
  2. Use hands-free functions or accessories such as speakerphone, video calling, and headphones.
  3. Never carry a phone in a pocket or bra.
  4. Never sleep with a mobile phone under the pillow.
  5. Buy a phone with a low SAR rating (lower radiation emissions).
  6. Text rather than call as it uses less signal.
  7. Avoid making calls when signal is poor – the harder the phone tries to connect, the more radiation it emits.
  8. Don’t make calls in a moving vehicle – being between masts makes the phone work harder to get a good signal.
  9. Fit a radiation-reducing device such as the R2L radiation reducer.

It should be noted that the recommended distance is aimed at adult use. Children absorb far more radiation far more easily, and as such the manufacturers state that children’s use of mobile phones should be limited to essential use only.

Another fun fact: Mobile phones emit this potentially harmful radiation even when they are switched off!

Stay Safe – Fit a Radiation Reducer!

Unlike other products on the market, the R2L does not disperse, absorb or shield, IT CONVERTS excess radiation into something much safer, light. This safely reduces exposure by as much as 70%, without affecting the quality of the signal. You can purchase the R2L here at screen2bsafe, or on Amazon.

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