Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

5 Reasons Why California Thinks You Should Be Worried About Using A Mobile Phone

The California Department of Public Health has publicly released a document on what it believes to be the greatest concerns for people using a mobile phone, and what they should do to reduce their risk.

  1. Some lab experiments suggest that high use of mobile phones is linked to certain types of cancers.
  2. Research is suggesting that exposure to excessive RF radiation can lower sperm counts in males that carry their phone in a front trouser pocket.
  3. Human health studies have linked headaches, behaviour and sleep problems on high mobile phone use.
  4. Most people still hold the phone to their head during a call – phones emit far more radiation than Bluetooth and wired headsets, and manufacturers do state that phones should be kept away from the body at all times.
  5. Phones emit RF energy even when not in use, so carrying your phone close to your body instead of in a bag, briefcase or backpack carries a higher risk.

To reduce risk of ill health from exposure to mobile phone radiation, the Department suggests following the most common guidelines for using a mobile phone safely. There is something else you can do to protect yourself and your children from the effects of RF exposure – ensure you fit all your mobile phones and tablets with an R2L Radiation reducer. This slimline gadget converts excess radiation into harmless LED light, reducing exposure by as much as 70% without causing your phone to work harder to get signal.

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