Are mobile phones dangerous? Why take the chance?

How is mobile phone radiation measured?

S.A.R. stands for “Specific Absorption Rate”

There is only one legitimate method of measuring mobile phone radiation recognised by every major health authority and government in the world as well as by the cell phone industry itself, referred to as “SAR”. SAR testing measures the “Specific Absorption Rate” of radiation at multiple depths and locations on the head and body in order to quantify how much radiation is actually penetrating it with and without certain safety devices. You can see a SAR test of the R2L device by watching the video below.

SAR resources

Children absorb more radiation than adults

shutterstock_265514996The above image shows the penetration of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone based on age. For children, mobile phone radiation absorption is much deeper and greater as radiation is more easily able to go past the ear and into the head since a child’s ear and skull is thinner.

Studies show a doubled (200%) increase risk of brain tumours for adults using mobile phones half an hour per day for ten years however children and teens using phones under similar conditions have a fivefold (500%) increase in risk.


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